Florida Politics: “Shevrin Jones elected to lead 2020 Broward legislative delegation”

State Rep. Shevrin Jones will take over as Chair of the Broward legislative delegation for 2019-20.

Jones succeeds state Rep. Richard Stark of House District 104 as Chair. Jones, who serves House District 101, served as Vice Chair under Stark.

The newest Vice Chair will be Sen. Perry Thurston of Senate District 33.

Members of the Broward delegation gathered Wednesday night for a meeting at Memorial Regional Hospital to cast their votes for delegation leadership. Both Jones and Thurston were elected unanimously.

Jones was nominated for the role by outgoing Chair Stark.

“Shevrin Jones has been a leader throughout the community,” Stark said, adding he wanted to see a fighter in the role of Chair.

“We always talk about fighting for women’s rights, and I want to thank you for fighting for the dignity of incarcerated women.”

Stark is referring to legislation introduced by Jones mandating that women inmates are provided with necessary hygiene products.

“It’s a true honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to represent the Broward delegation,” Jones said after the votes were cast.

“Thank you for putting your trust in me to be able to lead the Broward delegation in Tallahassee this year. And I’m hoping that we can bring some wins and some successes back home.”

The selection of a pair of Democratic leaders was all but assured. Of the delegation’s 19 members, just two are Republicans: Reps. Chip LaMarca of House District 93 and Ana Maria Rodriguez of District 105.

LaMarca was not on hand Wednesday night.

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