Senator Shevrin Jones

On the Issues

Reducing Gun Violence

Nearly every week, another shooting. Another family torn apart. Another life cut short.

Enough is enough.

Our politicians in Tallahassee need to stop with the talk and start to take action. That means investing in community programs to give our youth hope, improving access to education and jobs to help lift kids out of poverty, and increasing community policing to help maintain peace on our streets.

Helping Our Community Recover

While Wall Street has fully recovered from the COVID crisis, Miami Gardens Drive has not. Miramar Parkway has not.

Our community’s entrepreneurs and job-creators need help. Small businesses, destroyed during the pandemic, need easier access to SBA loans and other forms of emergency capital to help them continue to survive, thrive, and hire. And they need leadership in Tallahassee that will listen to science, so we can avoid these types of crises in the future.

And above all, we must invest more in education to help ensure that our neighbors know the facts about vaccines. Misinformation isn’t just coming from Russia; it’s originating in our own communities and it’s leading to dangerously low vaccination rates, despite widespread availability. We can fight this, but it has to happen at the neighborhood-level.

Investing in Education

As a former educator, Senator Jones understands the importance of investing in our children’s future. In Tallahassee, he has been an advocate for expansion of Pre-K, and he’s a leading voice in the movement to enhance our state’s colleges and universities.

He will continue the fight to increase funding for our local schools, as well as funding for afterschool programs and youth sports, to help enrich our children and reduce youth gun violence.

Fighting for Civil Rights

2020 will be remembered not just for a world health crisis, but as a time when millions of Americans woke up to the realities that Black communities face everyday: police brutality, discrimination, and systematic marginalization.

Young people across our country protested and made their voices heard. But the work is far from over. What happened in Ferguson continues to happen far too often, in far too many places. We must continue to keep our police accountable, and dismantle the institutional racism that holds our communities back from prosperity.

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