Shevrin’s Priorities

Shevrin Jones is running for State Senate to create a path for prosperity for the people of District 35 and all of Florida.

The People’s Movement demands a chance for everyone to succeed.

To do so, we need a government that the people of Florida can believe in and a State Senator who is focused on helping the people he’s elected to serve.


Florida is the third largest state in the country, yet ranks at the bottom when it comes to Education. As a product of Florida’s public school system, Shevrin believes that Florida must do better at providing a quality education for all students. As your Senator, Shevrin will file legislation that will raise teachers’ minimum salary to $50,000/year, so that teachers are paid what they are worth. Additionally, in effort to protect Florida’s public schools, Shevrin will also vote against any legislation that puts taxpayer dollars in the hands of operators who pick and choose the students they will accept and educate.

Further, as the cost of higher education continues to rise, Shevrin took the lead by introducing legislation that provided free college tuition for Florida students. As a Senator, you can expect Shevrin to continue his work to make college accessible and affordable.

Human Rights

Shevrin is a staunch supporter of justice for all, not just for some. Shevrin will continue to fight for legislation that supports and protects a woman’s right to choose, supports our LGBTQ community and people of every race, color, and religion. Shevrin will vote against any legislation that marginalizes or discriminates against any Floridian.

Affordable Healthcare

Shevrin believes healthcare is a right and that everyone should be able to see a doctor without worrying about whether or not they can afford it. Shevrin will continue to fight for Medicaid expansion in Florida, to ensure that everyone who wants healthcare can have it, including over 800,000 Floridians who have gone without adequate healthcare coverage for years. Shev believes that “healthcare for all” is not just a talking point, but a cure to help Floridians who are struggling or can’t pay rising healthcare costs. It is important that we lower health-care costs and provide inexpensive, adequate care for people who need it most, ensuring that Floridians have full medical, vision, dental, and mental healthcare.


Shevrin believes that the ladder of economic opportunity should be available to anyone who calls Florida their home. He will fight day in and day out to ensure that Floridians can earn a minimum wage of $15 per hour, provide funding and support for Florida’s growing tech and innovation system, and work to create high-paying jobs in District 35’s urban core.

Along with the high-paying jobs, you can count on Shevrin to fight for workforce development to train and prepare Floridians for a prosperous future.

For those who take up the mantle of entrepreneurship, Florida needs to be able to provide resources to grow our small businesses while also providing them fair access and opportunity to compete for government contracts and to engage in business to business transactions. Shevrin pledges to be a strong advocate for small business and our community of entrepreneurs.

Protecting our Neighborhoods

Shevrin believes that providing common sense gun laws that protect our communities is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Gun violence remains a top issue for South Florida, and Tallahassee leadership must focus not only on the threat of mass shootings in our schools, but also on curbing the everyday gun violence that disproportionately affects our communities of color. Shevrin will work with law enforcement, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to ensure that a gun is not placed in the hands of someone who should not have one. One life lost to gun violence is one too many.

Criminal Justice Reform

Shevrin believes in protecting the dignity of all Floridians. Our criminal justice system should ensure that those who have broken the law understand the consequences, but once an individual has paid their debt to society, they should have a second chance at the American dream, too. Shevrin will advocate for criminal justice reforms that will continue to unclog our criminal justice system, reduce prison overcrowding, and provide second chances for ex-felons through rehabilitation and job placement. Lastly, Shevrin will work to protect Amendment 4 (Rights Restoration) and ensure that the will of the people is respected and implemented.


South Florida has been recognized as having some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. Congestion affects quality of life, businesses and the economy, and with South Florida’s growing population, it will continue to get worse. Adapting our existing roadways and infrastructure to support South Florida’s population growth along with increasing public transportation options is a must. Shevrin will work hard to ensure our local tax dollars are used to support local infrastructure, roads, bridges, and transit projects. You can count on Shev to fight for District 35’s fair share of budget dollars to improve our public transportation system and alleviate our traffic issues.


Shevrin supports the legalization and taxation of recreational cannabis for adult use. He believes that people who have been incarcerated solely for crimes stemming from marijuana use or sale should be at the front of equitable reform toward regulated distribution of cannabis, rather than big businesses. Shevrin knows that more people will benefit from cannabis production that is not vertically integrated. Shev supports a small tax on legal cannabis that will generate state revenue to fund our public schools and build our infrastructure.


Shevrin recognizes the immediate need to transition to renewable energy as well as the potential for job creation in that process. Shevrin understands the gravity of sea level rise affecting Florida that will only become a more urgent challenge with larger hurricanes and greater flooding to South Florida. Shevrin believes environmental justice and social justice are fundamentally connected. Shevrin is committed to a Florida that is proactive in addressing human-accelerated climate change, protecting Florida’s water supply, and restoring Florida’s natural habitats. You can count on Shevrin to provide leadership to ensure the people of Florida have access to resources to mitigate negative environmental impacts.