Shevrin Jones: What it meant to moderate with VP Joe Biden

If this moment has taught us anything, it is that elections matter.

Recently I had the honor of moderating a virtual town hall with Vice President Joe Biden and essential workers who are the backbone of our country as we all navigate this unprecedented public health and economic crisis.

The discussion gave these unsung heroes a chance to be heard. It also gave me an opportunity to shed light on how this pandemic and our Governor’s botched response are acutely impacting Florida’s economy and working people.

Over the past month, I have hosted numerous virtual town halls, live meetings and news conferences each week.

It’s important that our leaders talk directly to people about how this crisis is impacting their lives in ways both big and small. It speaks volumes about Joe Biden’s character and leadership that he is regularly taking the time to listen to working people, hear their pain, and channel it into effective and moral governance.

The people need a leader who is willing to listen to their needs and act on their behalf. Vice President Biden, through his many years of service, has led in moments of crisis. He has not only weathered bad times with us, but he has been a prominent figure in ensuring that our country and its people — regardless of your political, social, cultural or economic background — survive.

Time and time again, Joe has shown up for Florida as well. He’s delivered for us on health care, gun safety and climate change. Just this year, he stood in lockstep with my fellow legislators, in support of our agenda at the beginning of this year’s legislative session, in solidarity with Florida teachers on strike fighting for better pay at the state Capital, and in publicly urging Gov. Ron DeSantis to let science and public health experts take the lead in guiding our state’s response to this pandemic.

Joe knows Florida and Florida knows Joe. With Joe in the White House, Florida will have a real ally for our working families.

I mentioned in the town hall that as Vice President, Biden led a nationwide recovery after the Great Recession. He led with empathy and managed a coordinated, national response.

The impact of the funding that Florida got through the Recovery Act cannot be understated; from funding our Title I schools, to improving our roads, helping our veterans and seniors, and getting Floridians back to work, Joe’s leadership hasn’t gone noticed and should be greatly considered by voters in November who want a candidate with real experience handling a global crisis.

If this moment has taught us anything, it is that elections matter.

Joe Biden leads with empathy, humility and passion, and has the experience needed to lead our country through what will be a complex and extensive recovery. These qualities are sorely missing in the White House today, and I look forward to doing everything I can to right this wrong and change the course of our country for the better.


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